The International Centre for Numerical Methods in Engineering (CIMNE) was created in April 1987. CIMNE’s mission is the development and dissemination of original research in the field of Numerical Methods in Engineering, the education of researchers and the transfer of the research outputs to industry.

CIMNE is a leader as an international centre of excellence in the field of numerical methods (NM) through four main action vectors:

  1. Excellence in research on NME for multidisciplinary engineering applications, in terms of scientific outputs and software-based tools.
  2. International dimension.
  3. Active participation and management in scientific societies.
  4. Commitment to technology transfer to industry.

Research at CIMNE focuses on the development of NM of interest to the following scientific fields: structural mechanics, geomechanics, fluid dynamics, material sciences, optimization, biomechanics coupled multi-physics processes and high-performance computing. Applications include problems in civil, mechanical, aeronautics, naval/marine, biomedical and environmental engineering, energy efficiency and fusion technology, among others.

Since 1987 CIMNE has evolved to become a prestigious international research centre on NME. Its research staff (90% of whom are engineers) includes (by December 2020) 23 Full Research Professors, 18 Associate Research Professors, 12 Assistant Research Professors, 24 Postdocs, 10 Staff Scientists, 48 PhD Students, 77 Research Engineers and 42 Administration Staff from 26 countries.

Several researchers of CIMNE are faculty members of the Technical University of Catalonia (UPC) and develop their research duties in CIMNE. These distinguished affiliated researchers play an important role as liaison between researchers at different groups of UPC and CIMNE.