Severo Ochoa (SO) Seminars and Coffee Talks

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SO CIMNE Coffee Talks in 2020

Sensitivity analysis of embedded bodies using the adjoint method and applied to airfoil optimization for the full-potential equation
Marc Núñez; CIMNE / CIMNE/UPC, Terrassa (Spain) – 22/1/2020

How can the art be a value for the engineering?
Constanza Delgado, Tatiana Núñez, Constanza Jofré and Rafael Vera; Pontificia Universidad Católica de Valparaíso, Valparaíso (Chile) – 19/2/2020

GiD user licences: New cloud system
Javi Gárate, CIMNE, Barcelona (Spain) – 14/10/2020

The Port of Barcelona of the future: Port Vision 2040
Javier Garrido, CIMNE (CENIT), Barcelona (Spain) – 25/11/2020

SO CIMNE Seminars in 2020

Towards statistically steady CFD
Riccardo Rossi; CIMNE / UPC, Barcelona (Spain) – 26/2/2020

Reduced Order Models and the Variational Multi-scale method for flow problems
Ramon Codina; CIMNE / UPC, Barcelona (Spain) – 6/5/2020

A (subjective) review on Computational Glacier Dynamics
Juan Pedro Roldan-Blasco; CNRS/IGE, Grenoble (France) – 17/6/2020

Reduced-order and surrogate models for automotive research: parametric design and Uncertainty Quantification
Pedro Díez; CIMNE/UPC, Barcelona (Spain) – 1/7/2020

Structural performance and numerical assessment of polymeric AM components fabricated by Fused Filament Fabrication (FFF)
Michele Chiumenti; CIMNE/UPC, Barcelona (Spain) – 4/11/2020

Disaster risk assessment
Liliana Carreño; CIMNE/UPC, Barcelona (Spain) – 18/11/2020

Artificial Intelligence for optimised operation of building energy systems. Projects: REFER, SIM4BLOCKS
Jordi Cipriano and Gerard Mor; CIMNE, Lleida (Spain) – 2/12/2020


Below we list the most outstanding recognitions and awards granted to CIMNE scientist during the year 2020.


IACM Fellow Award International Association for Computational Mechanics (IACM)


Doctor Honoris Causa
Technical University of Civil Engineering of Bucharest


Henry Darcy Medal
European Geosciences Union


IACM Fellow Award International Association for Computational Mechanics (IACM)


Gauss-Newton Medal
International Association on Computational Mechanics (IACM)


IABSE Early Career
Intal Association for Bridge and Structural Engineering (IABSE)


Ritz-Galerkin Medal
European Community on Computational Methods in Applied Sciences (ECCOMAS)

2020 in Tweets

CIMNE carries out an intensive activity through social media, with special attention to Twitter, where the centre has more than 1.600 followers. Below we highlight some of the 2020 tweets to explain CIMNE’s activities through the networks.

Post-graduate Studies and Courses

Post-graduate Studies

CIMNE supports the organization of the following postgraduate degrees awarded by the UPC · BarcelonaTech.

Master Degrees

Master on Numerical Methods in Engineering
Duration: 2 academic years, 120 ECTS

Master of Science on Computational Mechanics
Duration: 2 academic years, 120 ECTS

Doctoral Degrees

PhD Degree in Civil Engineering
Duration: PhD studies, 3 years period

PhD Degree in Structural Analysis
Duration: PhD studies, 3 years period


CIMNE has also been organizing courses and workshops related to its field of expertise:


Online courses held in 2020:

• Initiation (English)
Advanced courses (only in Spanish):
• Dam breaks
• Water quality
• Hydraulic works
• Sediment transport



Knowledge transfer is of vital importance for CIMNE, which invests great efforts in training and education adressed to its research staff as well as to graduates and professionals from schools of engineering and universities in applied sciences.

CIMNE regularly organises seminars, coffee talks, courses and post-graduate studies related to the theory and application of numerical methods in engineering. It has also developed a web environment for distance learning education via Internet.

The research centre plays also an important role as event organizer in the field of computational engineering. In the following pages, a summary of the conferences organized by CIMNE Congress Bureau during 2020 can be found (most of them have to be cancelled, postponed o carried out due to COVID-19 crisis). The agenda of congresses and conferences that will take place during 2021, it is also included.