Severo Ochoa (SO) Seminars and Coffee Talks

SO CIMNE Coffee Talks in 2020

Sensitivity analysis of embedded bodies using the adjoint method and applied to airfoil optimization for the full-potential equation
Marc Núñez; CIMNE / CIMNE/UPC, Terrassa (Spain) – 22/1/2020

How can the art be a value for the engineering?
Constanza Delgado, Tatiana Núñez, Constanza Jofré and Rafael Vera; Pontificia Universidad Católica de Valparaíso, Valparaíso (Chile) – 19/2/2020

GiD user licences: New cloud system
Javi Gárate, CIMNE, Barcelona (Spain) – 14/10/2020

The Port of Barcelona of the future: Port Vision 2040
Javier Garrido, CIMNE (CENIT), Barcelona (Spain) – 25/11/2020

SO CIMNE Seminars in 2020

Towards statistically steady CFD
Riccardo Rossi; CIMNE / UPC, Barcelona (Spain) – 26/2/2020

Reduced Order Models and the Variational Multi-scale method for flow problems
Ramon Codina; CIMNE / UPC, Barcelona (Spain) – 6/5/2020

A (subjective) review on Computational Glacier Dynamics
Juan Pedro Roldan-Blasco; CNRS/IGE, Grenoble (France) – 17/6/2020

Reduced-order and surrogate models for automotive research: parametric design and Uncertainty Quantification
Pedro Díez; CIMNE/UPC, Barcelona (Spain) – 1/7/2020

Structural performance and numerical assessment of polymeric AM components fabricated by Fused Filament Fabrication (FFF)
Michele Chiumenti; CIMNE/UPC, Barcelona (Spain) – 4/11/2020

Disaster risk assessment
Liliana Carreño; CIMNE/UPC, Barcelona (Spain) – 18/11/2020

Artificial Intelligence for optimised operation of building energy systems. Projects: REFER, SIM4BLOCKS
Jordi Cipriano and Gerard Mor; CIMNE, Lleida (Spain) – 2/12/2020